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IOTApedition V73RRC (Ujelang) - OC-278 New One / V73QQ (Enewetak) - OC-087

How to help?

Despite on the fact that the main goal of the expedition - the uninhabited Ujelang Atoll (NEW ONE OC-278), scheduled for 15-16 October, and stay on the island and work in the air V73RRC expected within 2-3 days, the achieving and activation NEW ONE is not guaranteed because of the weather (now the rainy season) so there may be delays in the transfer between the atolls. As the travel is going to take place in unpredictable Pacific ocean's environment, it is difficult to plan all local condition specific. We will be very appreciated for your donations!

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I would like to thank following individuals for help and support:

G0JHC    Neil
JA9IFF   Jim
UA3AKO   Victor
7K3EOP   Nori
JA1EY    Don
JA1BPA   Icko
JA1SKE   Isao
JA2AYP/1 Masa
JA3FGJ   Tosy
JA3UCO   Koh
JA4UQY   Hiro
JA5IU    Sou
JA7EJO   Sam
JA7FEX   Aki
JA7DHJ/1 Tak
JA7MGP   Toshi
JA9GPG   Shige
JA9IFF   Jim
JE2VFX   Yoshi
JE7JIS   Hiro
JF4VZT   Yuu
JG1UKW   Toshi
JH1QVW   Kazu
JH4GJR   Toshiya
JI3DST   Take
JK1TCV   Kazu
JM2LEI   Nori
JN6RZM   Shu
JH2IEE   Ogi
JP1EWY   Nobu
JR0DLU   Ohr

JA8MS    Mom
JM1PXG  Toshi

JF1SEK   Hide
W5BOS  Lanny

Support team:

RZ3EM    Andy
UA9OBA   Yuri
N3QQ XYL Tatyana
V7/KJ6GHO Chuck
V73UX    Dave
JE3GUG   Eichi
W5PF    Paul
G3ZAY  Martin

Mr. Rommel Natividad (Licensing)
Mr. Neil Flores, City Manager of Enewetak/Ujelang Local Government for a logistical support

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