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IOTApedition V73RRC (Ujelang) - OC-278 New One / V73QQ (Enewetak) - OC-087


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18. Vic G0APV   (2010-12-04 4:16 PM) E-mail
Looking forward to the expedition, OC278 is of particular interest, maybe an early Christmas present my fingers are crossed. As much CW as you like. 73 de Vic

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17. Dennis John Gazak N3DG   (2010-10-21 11:36 PM) E-mail
Thank you very much Yuri for many new QSOs and the new country on several bands. You are an excellent operator.

Spasibo !


Dennis Gazak

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16. Dragan K0AP   (2010-10-20 7:09 AM)

thank you for new IOTA OC-087.

73 Dragan K0AP, Z32XX

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15. Bill W5WVO   (2010-10-17 5:58 PM) E-mail
Yuri, thanks for the new one! Getting back into HF DXing after 20 years off the air and more recently focusing on 6m band... Finally got through the pileup this morning on 30m with my very small HF setup (barefoot K3, SWL sloper) and appreciate your outstanding CW operating skills. Looks like you're staying longer on Enewetak than you planned; will look for you from the atoll. 73, GL.

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14. VK4JAZ   (2010-10-15 4:05 AM) E-mail
Nice to work you, Yuri. Best of luck and enjoy the island.


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13. David VA7DXC   (2010-10-13 3:20 AM)
Best of luck Yuri!

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12. sam 9w2esm   (2010-10-09 4:19 AM) E-mail
have a nice trip and dx-pedition. how can work on 10m ssb

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11. W6HF & KL1WE/6   (2010-10-08 0:58 AM) E-mail
The last time we spoke was July 23. You were on Chirikof and we were home in Alaska. Now you are V73QQ and we are in California. What a great hobby! Take care and be safe! cool


Ken & Luci

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10. K8LO   (2010-10-07 10:42 PM)
Tnx Yuri. I could not believe you got me on the first call on 20m. And I only have a dipole. You were not very strong, but I could copy you 100% for the 10-15 min I was listening.Thanks a bunch. Good luck!!!!! 73 de K8LO George

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9. Steve N2AJ   (2010-10-07 11:01 AM)
Hi Yuri, Just worked you on 40m CW on OC-29. TNX for the new mode for the Marshall Islands! 73 de Steve N2AJ, Long Island, NY NA-026 biggrin

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8. N7RO   (2010-10-07 9:41 AM) E-mail
Heard you running JA's on 14005 but not loud enough to get through.

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7. N7RO   (2010-10-06 2:47 AM) E-mail
smile Yuri, enjoyed our trip to the airport this morning, and I know if WX & boats co-operate you will have a FB operation. Good luck my friend, and N7BT, W7IV and I will be listening daily.

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6. Alex RN7A   (2010-10-04 7:10 PM) E-mail
Юрий приветствую!
Желаю УДАЧИ!
Буду следить! 73! До встречи в эфире!

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5. Walt HB9BHY   (2010-10-04 10:41 AM) E-mail
Hello Yuri,
I hope you have safety trip to Ujelang Atoll and back home. biggrin

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4. JM2LEI Nori   (2010-10-02 8:07 AM)
Hello Yuri,
I hope you will make us happy.
See you on the bands!! cool

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